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Been playing with this concept for a while.

I love this. So much.

this should be posted everywhere

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Enjoy the diligent, focused, challenging work, and enjoy the carefree, lighthearted, playful times. Enjoy the moments of quiet solitude as well as the times when you’re surrounded by the stimulating energy of the people in your life.

Enjoy giving love and being loved. Enjoy making a difference and enjoy the assistance and collaboration of others who make a difference in your life.

Enjoy the things you’re confident of as well as the things that are a mystery. Enjoy diving into life’s pleasures and enjoy working through life’s problems.

Enjoy the warm sun on your skin and enjoy the cold wind against your face. Enjoy being confident and enjoy being surprised.

The more of life you enjoy, and treasure, and appreciate, the more access you’ll have to life’s best possibilities. When you can find something to sincerely enjoy, you have found a pathway to great value and fulfillment.

Today is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience, filled with opportunities for all different kinds of richness. Step enthusiastically forward into whatever today offers, and enjoy.

— Ralph Marston


I love this website honestly, there’s a super great pep talk every day.

Ive been feeling kind of groggy in the mornings lately! Which is not cool with me….I love mornings and you can get so much done. But this article had some useful tips on how to wake up feeling awake and alert! Will give them a try.

Eat them fruits and veggies friends!!!! They be good for you dawg

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The school year is upon us and with that comes the constant influx of daily stresses. From homework, to extracurriculars, to home life, to the social life, to every other aspect of your life, it can feel like a lot to juggle. Let’s be real, it is a lot to juggle. So here, compiled, is my list of tips to stay sane and on track this school year, as much for me as for anyone else. Here’s to having a great year!

1) Put health first.

With sports games and all nighters full of cramming, squeezing in time with friends and meals on the go, sometimes we let the basics slide. Snacking on junk food becomes the norm, and sleep doesn’t. But when the effects of not maintaining your health catch up with you, it’ll put you behind. Make sure you get your Z’s (as well as your A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s!) eat to fuel your body, and get your blood pumping to keep up with your busy schedule.

2) Get a planner.

This may seem like a no-brainer but I have to put it here just in case. My planner is with me 24-7, and instead of making my life more rigid, it allows me to be more relaxed! At a glance I can see how my week is laid out, what I have left to do, and when I can afford to kick back. When everything is crossed off, I’m home free.

3) Make stress lists.

I don’t know about you, but school can get me pretty stressed out. But no worries, I’ll share with you my coping mechanism. Get out a pen and paper because I’m a huge fan of lists. Start by writing down everything that’s stressing you out, everything that’s going on, everything you have to do, down to the tiniest things, and leave space in between each item. Now go through and star the items that you can fix or do something to improve. Write below them what you would have to do in order to change them, very specifically. Next go through and find the items that you can change your attitude about, and write how you can change your attitude below each item. Then, cross off the items you have no power to change and you need to let go, and then just let them out of your mind! Lastly, prioritize the fixable items, go down the list and number them, and then go tackle the first priority. 

This helps me so much, because it takes all the vague stress out of my head and down on a piece of paper where I can see it and fix it. 

4) Cut the crap.

Sometimes you just have to cut the crap. Anything extra going on in your life that does not benefit you or your goals needs to go, whether that be extracurriculars you don’t need, toxic friends that drag you down, or literal clutter. Everything you do should have a focus, and if something you’re doing isn’t going towards your goal, then why are you spending the time and energy working for it?

5) Lighten up.

Life is short, and school is hard. I’m all for them A’s but sometimes girls just gotta have fun. Take some time to do what you love and what makes you happy. Spend time with people that you love and that energize you to be around, make time to engage in passions. Do some things just because they are fun, make some memories. 

6) Communicate.

If there’s something I’ve realized to the fullest over the past couple years, it’s the importance of communication. I’ve had the tendency as a non confrontational person to go vent to someone else until I feel better if I’m having an issue with someone. And sure, it makes me feel better, but it doesn’t actually resolve the problem. Going to the person directly and talking out the problem without involving anyone else is usually the better alternative, and helps prevents problems from blowing up and causing more stress.

7) Prioritize.

What to do you want? Where do you want to be at the end of the year? What’s important to you? If you don’t know, find out. And make sure that gets top priority in your schedule. That way you can always identify your top item on the to-do list above all the white noise.

8) Help out others.

Grace mentioned this to me and I realized how true it is. Helping other people out, first of all, is a proven mood booster, and second, definitely helps put your own problems in perspective. Whether that be a friend who needs help, your old neighbor, or maybe take it farther and do some community service. Seeing someone in a worse position that you are in or dealing with problems far beyond your own puts a perspective on your own situation, and you feel good about it! Tips.

9) Detox.

You know yourself and your body better than anyone. I’m not telling you to quit because I am not a fan of that, but tune in to your body and how much you can handle. If you’re feeling like you’re getting sick, start chugging water and popping them vitamin C’s (and I swear by hot and cold baths/showers honestly so does Grace), and take it easy in order to recover. That goes for people and drama as well. Know how much you can take, and when you need some time for you that’s okay. Be assertive for your own needs. 

10) Get outside/active.

I encourage being active, it always helps me. There’s science, do a quick google, it’s not like a need to tell you why it’s good for you. But also getting outside is important. Many times I’ll find myself indoors 100% of the time, in school, in my room studying. I forget how relaxing and cleansing it is. Go on a walk. I personally love hiking and would love to do it more than I actually do. But a weekend hiking trip gets my head on straight. Canoe or run or bike, hey mountain bike, sit outside and read, just get out there. We live in a technology based sedentary world, get off Tumblr for a few minutes and get out.

That’s what I’ve got for you, more related things will come later I’m sure as school is a very large part of my life and so I’m taking a leap and assuming that it’s a large part of other people’s lives too. Hoped this was at least mildly helpful to you, these are mainly the things that keep me going and help me out. And I hope that all you students have as great of a school year as I did a first day of school!

keep torching,


"I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of the Imagination."
-John Keats

Words of wisdom from Amy Poehler

This as a combo is actually ridiculously inspiring, and great words of wisdom.

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Good quote from a Harvard commencement speech


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You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try accepting yourself and see what happens.
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Words to my inner critic

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Now my sweet summer is gone